Acqua Panna Mineral Water in Glass bottle 250ml x6

Discovered in the hills of Tuscany, Acqua Panna mineral water was first bottled in 1880.

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BrandAcqua Panna
VariantStill Water

Acqua Panna is the only natural spring water worth savoring, filtered drop-by-drop through the sun drenched hills of Tuscany since 1564. The balanced and mistakable taste of Acqua Panna makes it the finest water to savor at the best tables


The smallest of all our formats, the 25 cl glass bottle with screw cap is just the right amount of refreshment alongside a light meal, and the perfect format for parties and friendly gatherings.
Bottled directly at the Acqua Panna spring in the Mugello mountains in Tuscany, Acqua Panna water has a naturally occurring, unique mineral balance that gives it a smooth taste that is loved by everyone.
Keep one in the drink holder of your car, bag or backpack, and let the smoothness of Acqua Panna accompany you everyday on all your exciting journeys near and far. 
All glass bottles are 100% recyclable.


Bicarbonate 106
Calcium 32,2
Sulphate 22,0
Chloride 7,8
Silica Residue 6.9
Sodium 6,6
Magnesium 6,5
 Nitrate 2,9 
Potassium 0,8
Total Dissolved Solids at 180°C 141 mg/L
pH at the source 8,0 

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