Clorox Clothes Stain Remover Color Booster Floral 3Litres

Clorox Clothes Stain Remover Color Booster Floral 3Litres

Clorox clothes for colors is a stain remover and color booster. It removes 100% of Everyday stains.Clorox clothes is safe on sensitive washable fabrics like silk, wool and mohair. It removes greasy stains, as well as coffee, tea, ketchup and fruit juice. It can added in-wash, pre-wash or soaking cycles.

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5-15% Anionic Surfactants, 5-15% Oxygen Based Bleaching Agents, Less Than 5% Non - Ionic Surfactants, Less Than 5% Phosphates, Less Tha 5% Bht, Optical Brightener, Perfume.


Stain remover and Color booster. Removes 100% of everyday stains. Ideal for: Tomato sauce, cuffs and collars and coffee.

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