Earth's Finest Pink Himalayan Salt Fine 500g

Earth's Finest

Containing traces of 84 minerals, Earth’s Finest Pink Himalayan Salt serves as a healthier seasoning in meals and can also be used as a natural preservative.

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  Hurry, Only 1 left!

  Hurry, Only 1 left!

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BrandEarth's Finest
VariantPink Himalayan Salt Fine
Gluten freeYES
Lactose freeYES

100% Pink Himalayan Salt


At Earth’s Finest, we believe human health is intrinsically linked to the well-being of the planet. Our passion is to help you create nutritious foods using our products, inspiring better eating habits so that we have healthier and happier communities.

Sourced from the south of the Himalayas, Earth’s Finest Pink Himalayan Salt is unrefined and pure, unlike sea salt that has been exposed to plastic waste. This ancient salt deposit has been under the mountains for thousands of years, protected from toxic pollution and only has resurfaced after a shift in tectonic plates.

The finest salt is carefully extracted from this resource and crushed finely for ease of use in cooking, while retaining its natural goodness.

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