Kitekat Mackerel Flavour Dry Adult Cat Food 7kg

The Kitekat Mackerel flavour Dry Cat Food Adult is designed for active cats and fulfils their daily nutritional requirement. It also helps to maintain healthy skin and a shiny coat.

AED 72

  Currently out of stock !

  Currently out of stock !

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Crunchy kibbles, omega 6 for healthy skin and coat, calcium & Phosphorus for strong bones and teeth, vitamin E to support the immune system

Animal friendlyYES

Specially formulated for cats that are active and adventurous, Kitekat™ Mackerel provides the daily nutrition needed to keep your cat energized all day.

Crunchy kibbles with a delicious coating of gravy, Kitekat™ Mackerel dry cat food contains omega 6 to help maintain a healthy skin and beautiful, shiny coat.

Kitekat™ Mackerel also supports your cat’s immune system by providing them with Vitamin E, while the calcium & phosphorus helps strengthen bones and teeth.

Let your cat thrive on Kitekat™

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