La Baleine Sea Salt Drum Fine 600gr
La Baleine Sea Salt Drum Fine 600gr
La Baleine Sea Salt Drum Fine 600gr

La Baleine Sea Salt Drum Fine 600gr

Pure Natural sea salt

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BrandLa Baleine

Sea salt


La Baleine is the fine, naturally white, Crystal layer which is found on the surface of the water, on the salt tables.
It is the most precious sea salt that is harvested first, before harvesting the coarse and fine sea salt.
It is harvested by hand only during 4 Weeks every summer between July and August, when the perfect Weather Conditions of Sun and wind are guaranteed.

Fine sea salt is the salt that is used for cooking and to season your everyday dishes for the whole family.

  • It is an indispensable product in your kitchen.
  • Suitable for all cooking & dining occasions, La Baleine is the perfect complement to good taste.
  • La Baleine, historic table salt from the French, is the guarantee of a 100% marine salt in your kitchen. La Baleine sea salt is a quality salt that crystallizes naturally, combined with the know-how of the salt workers, the rhythm of the sea, the sun and the wind.
    The production of La Baleine sea salt develops exceptional biodiversity in the salt works of Aigues-Mortes. Choosing La Baleine is also choosing to preserve this unique nature! Sea salt with naturally white crystals, La Baleine offers you salt in all its forms and for all your culinary inspirations: fine salt, coarse salt, Fleur de Sel, flavoured salt, low-sodium salts ...
  • Today, La Baleine is the leading brand in the sea salt market for table and cooking use in France.

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