Persil High Foam Gel 3L+1L
Persil High Foam Gel 3L+1L
Persil High Foam Gel 3L+1L
Persil High Foam Gel 3L+1L
Persil High Foam Gel 3L+1L

Persil High Foam Gel 3L+1L

Persil Power Gel, the modern way of washing.

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VariantHigh Foam Gel

15-30 Anioic surfactants, 5 Non-ionic surfactants, Phosphonate Contains enzyme, perfume, dye, preservative and optical brightener


Switch to the modern way of washing your laundry using Persil Concentrated Power Gel with its 100 years of German technology that delivers powerful stain removal, bright cleanliness, and long lasting freshness thanks to its 360 cleanliness technology.

The Persil Power Gel is more powerful than ever thanks to its millions of stain removers. Its advanced German formula removes event the toughest stains with ease to ensure perfect cleanliness and freshness for your laundry. Persil Power Gel, the modern way of washing

  • Persil Gel for top-loading washing machines is a complete replacement for any powder detergent.
  • Persil Gel provides perfect cleanliness and stubborn stain removal for all laundry types.
  • Thanks to its liquid format, Persil Gel will not leave any residues on your clothes or in your washing machine.
  • Persil Gel will leave a fresh and long-lasting fragrance on your clothes.
  • Persil Gel offers twice the yielding versus regular powder detergent, offering you twice the amount and making it the complete replacement for any powder detergent.
  • For long-preservation of your fabrics, liquid detergents do not harm the fabrics and do not leave behind any residues.
  • With its Deep Clean German Technology, Persil Gel is the number 1 Liquid Detergent in the GCC, as per quantitative research.
  • Weight ‎40 Grams
    Volume ‎4 Liters
    Units ‎2 Pack

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