Pril Dishwashing Liquid Lemon 2x950ml

5+ Self-Degreasing Action Power, for Stains and Malodour Removal

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Anionic Surfactant 5 - 15 %, Amphoteric Surfactant, This Product Contain Preservative, Perfume Dry, and Enzyme.


This dishwashing liquid is gentle on your hands and tough on stains.
A single drop of this dishwashing liquid can eradicate messy stains to leave your dishes sparkling like new.

The new Pril 5 in 1 is superior against all tough problems in dishwashing especially tough grease & crust, thanks to unique formula with German Technology.

  • Pril keeps your dishes hygienically clean
  • Effectively removes grease and stains
  • Soft on your hands
  • Keeps your dishes hygienically clean

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