Santiveri Digestive Original 190gr

Perfect snacks for those who want to take care of their health and their diet.

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  Currently out of stock !

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Lactose freeYES

Flour 55.5%, non-hydrogenated fat 11.2%, sweeteners (maltitol, acesulfame), 3.6%, agents (ammonium bicarbonate, bicarbonate), flavors, antioxidant (ex. rich in tocopherols) and folic acid.



  • Digestive Wholemeal Biscuits Original, sugar free with sweetener.
  • Lactose free, free from dairy derivates. Egg free, Enriched with folic acid.
  • High monounsaturated fat, Palm oil free.
  • Delicious and crunchy sugar-free cookies.
  • This product is beneficial for health.

Brand Message

We are a team that strongly believes in a healthy lifestyle and we've been working so that you live a happy healthy life since 1885... Yes, you've read right. For over 100 years. As you can see, we have a long tradition in putting passion, innovation and quality into our products. In every step we take, in every new launch, in every new entry in our agenda... There is a little bit of each and everyone of us. At Santiveri we are a happy company that likes to innovate keeping in mind sustainability, eco-friendliness and a healthy lifestyle. We invite you to discover, rediscover and add yourself to our philosophy that promotes a natural lifestyle with love for the Earth, passion for life and care for quality work. Want to discover more about our genuine history? Take a look at our products. They're made with love.

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